The new module of Emp@tia system provides support for electronic applications for the payment of benefits in the educational program "Rodzina 500+".

Emp@tia is addressed to all citizens, particularly for individuals and families exploiting the social benefits offered by the State. The addressees of the portal are also employees of institutions implementing social policies of State.

Emp@tia Portal in one location collect complete and current information which allow to effectively take advantage of the benefits offered by the state of social services.

As part of Emp@tia system maintenance we created and operate a new module to use the benefits of the educational program "Rodzina 500+", which annually handles about 1 million applications.

During the project we use, among others, the following technologies: ORACLE API Gateway (OAG), Oracle Glassfish, Oracle Database, Mongo DB, JSF/PrimeFaces, WS-Security using public key infrastructure PKI, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Business Process Server, WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 Governance Register, WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring.

The system is integrated with over 6 thousand domain systems in parish, counties, marshal offices and provincial offices, more than a dozen banks, ZUS, Ministry of Finance, the systems of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and ePUAP.